Service Options

Full Service Funeral

A visitation period in the funeral home with the body present, followed by a funeral service. The funeral service can occur in our funeral home or a facility of your choosing.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is a service of celebration during which the body is not present. Cremated remains may or may not be present. This memorial service may be held in the funeral home or a facility of your choosing.


Cremation is a way of reducing the body to bone fragments, but is not a method of disposing of the body. The questions of viewing, visitation, service and final disposition must be addressed.

Cremation can occur at any point in the sequence.

  • it could occur after a visitation/funeral sequence
  • it could follow a visitation period and thus precede a memorial service
  • it could occur directly after a family viewing or after identification by family members

There are a variety of ways in which cremation can be part of the funeral process, and these choices should be thoughtfully considered.

Transfer Service

This service is offered for families who choose to have a direct burial or cremation with no professional involvement for visitation or service.


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What is a pre-arranged funeral?

A pre-arranged funeral is a funeral arrangement made prior to death. It is a permanent record of your wishes for your own funeral or for the funeral of a person for whom you are responsible. Pre-planning for one's death is not a preoccupation with death, but a sincere desire to be helpful to those who are involved with saying their good-byes.

What is the purpose of a pre-arrangement?

By planning ahead you can assure that your customs, beliefs and personal life style are reflected in your funeral. You can relieve your loved ones of the stress of making major decisions; most of which are irreversible; at a time when they are already dealing with the emotional tension of losing a loved one. It is important to know that your funeral reflects your wishes and not someone's uninformed judgment of what you might have wanted.

How do I make a pre-arrangement?

The first step is to discuss this with your family, giving their ideas special attention. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, it is essential to include their suggestions in your plans.

The next step is to make an appointment at the funeral home. The discussion to follow will be an informed and honest conversation in which your wishes are expressed. It will include certain government regulations, services and merchandise required, costs involved and providing of statistical information.

There is no charge for this service and there is no obligation to the funeral home.

Is pre-payment necessary?

There is no requirement to pre-pay your funeral when you make your pre-arrangements.

What are the advantages to pre-paying your funeral?

As a sensible part of estate planning, by pre-paying your funeral the financial debt will not be left to your bereaved family. The principle and all interest remain on deposit until time of death. This guarantees the pre-paid services of the funeral home and selected merchandise are paid in full no matter when the need arises.

Where is my money invested and how is it protected?

Brenneman Funeral Home is a member of Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada. All funds are deposited into this fraternal organization and are held in trust in the name of the individual for whom the funeral services/supplies are to be provided until an official proof of death is issued. These funds are protected under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation as well as by the Board of Funeral Services Compensation Fund and are subject to inspection by the Board of Funeral Services on an annual basis.

Can my funds be transferred to another Funeral Home?

You may cancel your prepaid contract at any time and have your funds returned to you.

If you move, your arrangements and funds can easily be transferred to another Funeral Home.