Brenneman Funeral Home

Brenneman Funeral Home is a family owned and operated funeral home that has served the community of North Perth since 1934. Our website provides information on pre-planning a funeral, celebrating the life of a loved one, remembering through on-line condolences and donations, and our annual tree planting memorial service.

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Brenneman Funeral Home Ltd.
P.O. Box 111
141 John Street
Atwood, Ontario, N0G 1B0
Jim Brenneman – Person in charge of day to day operations
Business Code: 021
Phone: 519-356-2382
Fax: 519-356-2325

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Companies such as Final Needs Planning Program, Purple Shield, FamilySide and My Final Wishes have recently sent unsolicited mail to you suggesting that they can help you plan for your final needs and help cover any costs not already covered by the Canada Pension Plan.  Although we would not suggest that you not use them, you should be made aware that you are not making funeral prearrangements.  In the past people have purchased plans from these Companies, thinking that they have prearranged and prepaid their funeral, however, this is not the case.  These plans are only an insurance policy similar to one that can be purchased from any local insurance agent.  Salesmen from these companies do not prearrange funerals, nor are they licensed to do so.  They are commissioned salesmen, not Funeral Directors and they do not work for a funeral home.  If you are considering prearranging or prepaying your funeral plans, please contact us for more information and your free planning guide.







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